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Aurora Architectural Design, P.C.

Aurora Architectural Design, P.C. provides the following Consultation and Architectural Services when working with the Client to move their project from concept through design and construction:

Initial Design Consultation

In the initial meeting with Gregory K. Schneider, R.A. of Aurora Architectural Design, P.C. the Client will review their proposed construction project goals.

Initial design consultation services include:

  • - Evaluation of project, as proposed by the Client
  • - Review of the property survey as provided by the Client
  • - Review of the Client’s project goals and building requirements
  • - Evaluation of existing property or proposed site, and feasibility study
  • - For Addition / Renovation projects, studies on the potential to tie into existing structures:
    • - Roof lines
    • - Interior circulation patterns
    • - Setback restrictions
  • - Thumbnail sketches of proposed design response to the Client’s project needs
  • - Evaluation of Client’s project priorities and budget
  • - Review of potential project phasing and master planning
  • - Portfolio review of architectural precedents and past Aurora Architectural projects addressing similar design
  • - Discussions of the architectural services available to the Client and recommended to meet their project goals
  • - Follow-up, with project specific written proposal

The fee for an initial design consultation is typically $150.00 for an initial 90 minute consultation meeting between the Client and Principal Architect, Gregory K. Schneider, R.A.